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Meet My Interesting and Interested Friend - Brit Drozda

Second, in my series of my interesting and interested friends and their quarantine experience………….meet my friend Brit Drozda. Brit is a devoted wife and mother, a trained chef and super talented singer/songwriter, Brit is, in fact, a rock star on all counts and I’m proud to call her friend. Check out her music and all things Brit here.

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Who are you with?

My husband Zack and dogs Daisy and Myrtle.  My kids are here too but asleep- Liam and Price.

What are you reading?

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver

What are you listening to? 

A lot of Bruce Springsteen and George Ezra

What’s your daily exercise of choice?

Running, Hilliard Studio Method or Melissa Wood Health- barre and pilates 

What’s your favourite board game?


What’s the best thing you’ve cooked?

An apple pie from scratch, Thai chicken salad with fresh mint

Are you still able to work at all?

A little bit, I’m able to play music from home and stream shows. I’ve started a fundraiser (#charlottemusicchallenge) to help out local live music venues that are unable to host shows at this time.  I had to cancel a show in March because of COVID-19. I will also be on WFAE’s Songversasions with Joni Deustch to play a show and talk about music. 

What small, unexpected thing do you miss the most?

Being able to hug friends.

Which three people, living or dead, would you most like to be quarantined with?

The three that I already am quarantined with :-) My kids, Liam and Price and husband Zack. 

And maybe Sheryl Crow, Elvis and Sia :-) I’d love to write songs with them.

Have you had any ‘light bulb’ moments since this all started?

I’ve learned how much I appreciate being able to get outdoors. I have also been overwhelmed by realizing how much health and being able to spend time with family are two incredible blessings that I often overlook in the the chaos of normal routines.  I’ve also felt the power of being able to create music and feel moved to help people escape from these times by playing a song for them.

The arts are unbelievably important to help people get through trying times.  I’ve learned how much a book or music, or being able to dance amidst all of this has made life better.  

Have you taken up a new hobby?

Teaching young children-JK.  God bless teachers.  This has been more of a challenge than a hobby.

What projects have you got coming up?

I’m releasing a new single, Seashells and Stories on May 8th.  Windy O Connor did the cover art.  I recorded it in NY with Grammy Award winning Producer Scott Jacoby.

What are the biggest positives we can take from all this?

We, as human beings, are collectively making our way through a trying time.  There is so much outreach taking place and leaning on one another from a distance that I feel like we will come out on the other side, stronger and more understanding of one another.  

How will you celebrate once this is all over?

I will go out to dinner in a restaurant with friends, play a concert at a beloved music venue, and go visit relatives that I can’t see in person right now. 

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