Richard Israel

One For the Guys - The Joy of Shaving Like Your Grandpa

Four years ago I was on my way to the drugstore to purchase yet another pack of super-duper 5 blade razor cartridges while listening to The Art of Manliness podcast, lo and behold the subject was double edge razor shaving. I immediately did my research and purchased the items listed below, all of which I use exclusively and can highly recommend. 

 The benefits: 

After your initial investment, the cost is next to nothing.

One box of 100 blades will last well over a year. 

Shaving soap 3-6 months. I rotate through 3 different soaps just to change things up a little.

The razor, a lifetime. 

You get a closer shave with little to no razor burn. 

The process, oh the process, it’s both relaxing and cathartic. 

Here’s a great tutorial.

Shaving products I personally use and recommend; 




Pre Shave

Soap 1

Soap 2

Soap 3

Aftershave 1 

Aftershave 2

There are loads of great shaving YouTube channels, Friendship Shaving is my favourite, if you need help or advice drop me a line from my contact page. Have fun!


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