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Pie&Mash Wedding Films And Why

 Wedding Films that inspire awe, admiration, and wonder or overpriced rubbish? Check out our latest wedding film (below) and you decide… 

note: We shot alongside one of my most favourite people and longtime friend Mary Lou of All Bliss Photography, her work is sublime. To see her work is to know the lady behind it.

What is Pie&Mash?

Pie and mash is a traditional working-class food, originating in the East End of London. (just like me)  Pie, mash and eel shops have been in London since the 19th century, and are still common in East and South London and are my number one favorite food bar none.

Pie and Mash is also a film company offering a rather unique wedding film for the visually sophisticated, hard-working, smart, and well-mannered bride and groom.

Who is Pie&Mash?

Pie and Mash is a creative collaboration established 12 years ago as a fun and creative side project between myself and one of my very best friends, filmmaker Timm Young and has since grown into a thang.

Why Pie & Mash? 

It was always Timm’s and my vision to create visually compelling, emotively driven, unpretentious and most of all fun wedding films for discerning couples using a combination of state of the art film making kit and decidedly lo-fi, 1950s-70s old school, home movie Supe8 cameras and film, providing another very enjoyable creative outlet plus more money for us.

Are Pie&Mash on the Interwebs 

Yes, we have a website, you can also view our films right here too. 

What Packages Do You Offer? 

We have two modi operandi…..
If you’re a Richard Israel Photography client then the inimitable Timm will be your solo filmmaker, shooting both HD video and Super8 or exclusively HD Video, your choice. HD Video only, starting at $2,500, both Super8 & HD Video starting at $3,500.
If you’re not a Richard Israel Photograhy client then Timm and I will be shooting HD video and Super8 together, offering more comprehensive coverage. Starting at $5000. 

 Why So Bloody Expensive? 

We asked Kodak Motion Picture Film Division and our Processing/Tele Cine Transfer Lab the same question. 

 We’ve Spoken To Other Videographers Who said they can Fake The Super8 Look. 

Pleather and Fine Italian Leather.

 Ok, We’re Interested, What Shall We Do Now? 

I highly recommend having 1 or 6 fine adult beverages, sit in a comfy chair, and watch at least 2 of our films from beginning to end. You can either make a spontaneous drunk purchase right there and then or email, call or text to have a nice chat and we’ll talk you through the whole process. (highly recommended option) 

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