I recently undertook a little experiment to see if giving a Pay Whatever You Want offer to couples for their wedding photography + engagement session would work. Many of my friends thought I was nuts and while this model has worked successfully for several retail businesses it would never work in wedding photography, I’d be taken advantage of and be stuck shooting 4 weddings for $50 a piece. Of course that thought had crossed my mind, if that had happened I would have had a little private swear fest, dusted myself off and absolutely honored it with a smile on my face and given my usual 200%.  I also had friends who thought it was a brilliant idea and many photographers got in contact to see how it all worked out.  Here you go……

The deal:

  • Email your name, *wedding date, phone number and best time to call, I’ll get right back to you to chat details’.
  • After our chat you’ll email the amount you’d like to pay.
  • We’ll send a contract along with an invoice for your 50% retainer. 
  • We invoice and collect signatures electronically, with options for our clients to pay by check or credit card. 

 *Subject to availability

I will photograph your engagement session and 8 hours of wedding day coverage.

To include: Second photographer, Hand-finishing of all images. A private, password-protected online viewing gallery. Download of all engagement session and wedding day images in high resolution & print release. 


  • I had a very nice phone conversation with each then told them to email the amount they’d like to pay, this is how it went…… 
  • Posted on 2 leading Charlotte wedding resource Facebook pages.
  • Posted on my personal and business Facebook pages.
  • Posted twice on Instagram.
  • 3 people responded.
  • One lovely couple actually booked, they named a very fair price and I very much look forward to working with them.
  • One girl went away to name her price, never heard from her again.
  • One couple were having a brewery wedding reception in Atlanta, then weren’t.

My Conclusion:

  • I did book one wedding that I feel really good about.
  • I probably dodged 2 bullets. 
  • People thought it was not real, with a big catch.
  • People were worried/embarrassed that their offer would not be enough. 
  • I think this model could work but not in it’s present form.
  • Love to hear your thoughts……


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