A Story of the Perfect Imperfect Wedding

A Story of the Perfectly Imperfect Wedding

On the morning of October 3rd, 2015 set up had begun on a beautiful Kiawah Island wedding, a year in the making, the perfect wedding, the wedding our bride Molly had dreamt of since she was a little girl.

October 3rd was also the date of an extratropical storm that triggered a high precipitation event, causing catastrophic historic flash flooding across South Carolina.

I was prepping to make the trip down to Charleston, I was to create a Super8 wedding film, when I left Charlotte it was raining pretty hard, by the time I got near Charleston it was a torrential and constant gulley washer, shortly after getting into Charleston I received a call from Margaret the wedding planner, ‘The weddings been called off due to flooding”. Disappointed I turned around and headed back to Charlotte. Just before getting into Charlotte another call, “We’re going to have another shot at the wedding on Sunday, there’s a 3-hour window during low tide we can have the wedding, it’s up to you if you don’t feel comfortable we fully understand”. 

The thought of putting myself into a potentially very dangerous situation and shooting a Super8 film sounded wonderful.

At this point the Molly and Paul had a choice to make, their dream wedding, the most important day of their lives was no more, some would have had a meltdown because their big day that cost $$$$ was ruined, just stepping out from under cover for just a few seconds left you soaked to the skin, no food for the guests, kudos to the incredible Kiawah staff who put together huge bowls of salads and soup with ingredients purchased from Piggly Wiggly and the band braved the storm.

Molly and Paul decided to embrace the day,  focusing on the most important element of their wedding, saying their vows and celebrating by those they love the most. 

Everyone had an incredible time, the best of times, perhaps because and not in spite of their perfectly imperfect wedding.

Enjoy Molly & Paul’s wedding day as seen through the lens of my vintage Super8 camera…….

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