Richard Israel

Intimate Weddings & Elopements. The New Normal?

For some time the concept of the micro wedding has been trending and the interest in having a “fast-food” style of celebration has certainly increased during these uncertain times. However, for the discerning bride and groom, I would suggest considering a more nuanced approach…….

Over the last several years I’ve been shooting an ever-increasing number of intimate weddings (40 guests or less) and quite a few elopements (12 guests or less) all of which have been an absolute joy for all involved, (including me).  

What could be lovelier than spending your big day with an intimate group consisting of the ones you love the most? Think about the perfect cocktail and dinner party.

Location choice could be as diverse as a weekend in Paris, under a Charleston plantation’s mossy oak tree, a  historical church campground, an Airbnb or someone’s backyard, you’re only limited by what you can imagine.

For an intimate wedding, consider having a personal chef, a boutique caterer, a killer food truck or a family member cook a pig, for libations a vintage mobile bar is hard to beat. Take your elopement guests to a fabulous restaurant. 

Whatever direction you decide to go, make it fabulous! 

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