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  1. Meet My Interesting and Interested Friend - Marysue Boyle

    Sixth in my series of my interesting and interested friends and their quarantine experience………….meet Marysue Boyle. I’m struggling not to overuse the adjectives to describe Marysue but one can simply not avoid it…….Mother of two and wife to the equally amazing Kevin. She’s indubitably one of the most stylish women…

  2. Intimate Weddings & Elopements. The New Normal?

    For some time the concept of the micro wedding has been trending and the interest in having a “fast-food” style of celebration has certainly increased during these uncertain times. However, for the discerning bride and groom, I would suggest considering a more nuanced approach…… Over the last several years I’ve…

  3. sloan & mike - Charlotte Wedding

    I must admit to getting very attached to Sloan and Mike, we just seemed to click {pun intended} It poured with rain pretty much the entire day and they didn’t give a toss, they did what all couples should be doing, celebrating their wedding day with the ones they love…

  4. Wedding Day Large Format Portraits

    There is something unique and magical about a large format portraits on wedding day , the combination of an antique lens and film makes for a portrait that suggests another era but that’s not the only thing that makes it special. The medium in itself makes it impossible for spontaneity…

  5. madison & colby - couples shoot

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